Saturday, 21 December 2013

Take Home Pay - Yahoo!


How Much Money Are You Making Monthly !!

This is an ACTUAL screenshot of a Houseman's Payslip
* this is his monthly payslip, in the 1st year of housemanship
** some info has to be censored for his privacy

- UD41 is actually your salary grade.
- More or less, this is the amount you're getting, during housemanship. RM4300 ++
- Your salary increases once per year (but there are 4 times in a calender year where this increment take place), together with everybody who works in the government sector (not private sector).
- It increases 1% per increment. (Based on my housemanship salary that time & according to what i was told by the "bahagian kewangan" of my previous Hospital). Some say the increment vary according to your salary grade.
- Take Home Pay = Total Income (minus) KWSP & Income Tax
** B.I Perkhidmatan Kritical = Critical Allowance
** You (as a houseman) need to work a minimum 50 hours per week to be entitled for this critical allowance !!! This particular term, applies for houseman only.
** As for year 2014 onwards, the government has increase the minimum to a 70 Hours per week and change their policy to contract-based housemanship job.
** In other words, if you don't work long enough, you don't get the critical allowance and if you don't perform, the government can cancel your contract or will not hire you as Medical Officer UD44 !!!

--- Happy New Year Everyone !!!

"We are working HARDER for LESS money"

With the rate of 4% inflation + house price of at least RM 400k in Klang Valley + Study Loan debt of RM 500k = Good Look ??

Ever heard of Inflation?
Does these conversations sound familiar to you :-
1) Tok Teh said, "Dulu, sepuluh sen boleh beli Nasi Lemak, Teh tarik, kenyang! Sekarang tak dapat laa..."
2) Ah Cheng told, "if you don't have RM10, don't dream to eat at Mamak in Bangsar laa"
3) Ah Moi replied, "what? With RM10, you can get a nice lunch in Kota Bharu maa" 
4) Star Newspaper : Fresh Graduates Can't Afford to Buy a House Nowadays
5) Astro Awani : Gaji isi rumah kurang dari RM3000, dikategorikan sebagai miskin tegar di bandar !!
These are the effects of Inflation !!!!
 For me, to be a successful housemanship or doctor, proper planning and financial management are crucial as well...
Please learn a thing or two about INFLATION in YouTube... Please... I beg you !!!

Does becoming a Doctor make you RICH automatically ??

Answer :
depends on what you do with your MONEY. Even a millionaire goes bankrupt, right?

To cheer you up, here's a special gift.... hehehe
A screenshot of a Staff Nurse's payslip. This is her payslip after 2 years of working !!

1) It is NOT my intention to look down on other profession, or judge people by how much money they make. Just for comparison purpose only.
2) The ONLY reason I'm doing this is to help you notice that, WHAT A SUPER-HEAD START you're getting, compared to those working alongside with you !! Please appreciate the opportunity God has given you. Use your money wisely. Don't make yourself poorer day by day !! Spend your hard earned money wisely, yeah?

P/s :
  • My definition of "successful" may be different than yours. 
  • Some things are not tought in school, but that does not mean it does not exist.
  • Just because you ignore it, that does not make it disappear in the real world.
I can only give advice, it's you who decide your future.
Next I will be posting on Income Tax for Houseman.
Kindly leave your comment below if you're interested.
If you're not interested, lets not waste your time and my time, agree ??
Remember, i was once a houseman myself, during my time, nobody bothers to guide me through housemanship (except my family), forget about how to manage my salary.
I have to learn it the HARD WAY, not only about housemanship but about REAL LIFE as well. Looking back, i'm glad to have done what i did back then. Some of my colleague struggle, if not in housemanship, they struggle in life, most of them struggle financially.


  1. I really want to know the art of managing my income. Still trying to understand.

    1. Everyone shud have the same mindset as u are. I wish u gud luck. Never stop learning !

  2. Im only just starting to learn all this...better late than never i guess!
    Quick question : from the screenshot above, the taxable income is the gagiposos+imbuhan tetap perumahan + imbuhan khidmant awam; or do i misunderstand? if i rmmbr during the induksi lectures, elaun is not taxable....but i'm first to admit im! :)

    1. Hi, good that you have started!
      i will be glad if you could give a link or written letter stating that those allowances are Not Taxable.

      Because i couldnt find one, to be honest.
      They did mentioned but when it comes to tax,
      we need to have solid evidence if not, we're considered
      tax-evading or avoiding tax. thats a problem.
      I personally pay tax for the allowances as well back then, till now.

      Will look into it as well. Thanks alot!

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  5. Salam. I'm going to start working as UD41 soon under contract training. So yes, by hook or crook I need to plan the financial too. I live in KL with my parents, and planning to do HO in Klang Valley bcs yes, its time for me to spend more time after years of abroad. Howwwwwww to manage our salary? If you can email me some guidance, only God can pay you the rewards.


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