Sunday, 6 October 2013

#3 : Live Far From Hospital

Just Apply For the Hospital Quarters / Hostel

Most of HO tend to stay at their parent's house, as they don't own a house obviously.
If you choose to do HO at hospital near your parent's house, thats fine.
But try to get the hospital quarters / hostel also, if possible. Why?
Its easier to go to work without having to wake up so early in the morning just to beat the traffic, or have to drive for 45mins when the clock shows 11.59pm.
Some of my friends got involve in car accident after falling asleep while driving (too tired after working). Lucky that no one was hurt, but still you lose your hard-earned money to repair the damage !!

If you choose to do houseman far far away from your family, then applying for this hostel is a must for you. Don't fall into the society trap, doctor has to life in a mansion, driving BMW.. Thats all crap !!
Just live a moderate HO life, for 2 years only maaa...

Because this quarters / hostels are limited in numbers, they may reject application coming form HO whos parents live nearby.... Thus, making those doing houseman far from their family a STRONG applicant  !!!

Live as near as you can from the hospital, you will save energy, time, money & might as well save you YOUR LIFE !!!!!!  :D

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